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About the Society

The Glasgow Perthshire Charitable Society, generally referred to today as the "Glasgow Perthshire", was founded in 1835. The Society's original aim was to provide financial assistance to those from Perthshire who had moved to Glasgow seeking employment and had fallen on hard times. Today, the Society primarily provides bursaries to students from Perthshire attending one of Glasgow's universities or colleges, but also grants to senior citizens from Perthshire living in Glasgow, and assistance to those meeting the Society's criteria.


Further Information

Further information about the Society and its work, including details of student bursaries and how to apply for them, can be found on the Society web site:


Enquiries about bursaries, grants, or other society-related enquiries can be made via the appropriate form on the "Contact Us" page on the web site:

Updated May 2018

Founded 1835 - Registered Charity No. SC09576