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** Closing Date: 1st June 2020 **

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e-Mail and Telephone Contacts

The Society will use e-mail as the primary means of contacting you. Please ensure your e-mail address is current and correct. We very rarely contact bursars/applicants by telephone but may in a matter of urgency.

Secondary School

Please give the name of your most recent secondary school and dates attended.

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Course of Study
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Course Details

Please provide the name of your course of study (e.g. Molecular Biology), the start and end dates, and if your offer was conditional or unconditional.

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Please provide the names and addresses of two referees who have agreed to support your application. Both your referees should be able to confirm your association with Perthshire. Referee 1 should be one of your school teachers. Typical referees might be your teacher, guidance teacher, religious leader, employer, etc. but NOT a family member or other relative.

Please inform your referees that you have applied for a Glasgow Perthshire Bursary and that we will write to them immediately upon receipt of your hard copy application, asking them to complete a short on-line form by 15th June 2020.

Please provide an e-mail address for your referees as teachers may not be at schools and post may be disrupted during the Covid-19 outbreak.

For teachers:

  • please provide their official Council/School e-mail (e.g.
  • please use the school postal address including the name of the school, not a teacher's private address.
Referee 1 (One of your School Teachers)

Referee 2

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Personal Statement
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Please provide a personal statement, justifying why you believe you should receive a bursary from the Glasgow Perthshire. Include all relevant information in support of your application including a brief description of your association with Perthshire and how the bursary will help you. You are restricted to 2500 characters (including whitespace).

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