Gilmorehill Glasgow and the University.
Perthshire Glen.

Glasgow Perthshire

Charitable Society

Founded 1835 - Registered in Scotland - Charity No. SC009576

The Glasgow Perthshire



Welcome to the web site of the Glasgow Perthshire Charitable Society, generally referred to as "The Glasgow Perthshire".

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Latest News

20 Sep 2022 - Bursary Applications Will Open March 2023

Applications for Glasgow Perthshire Student Bursaries will open provisionally on March 1st 2023. Bursaries of £750 rising to £1000 will be available. Watch this space.

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Bursary Status

Bursary Applications Will Open Next March

Applications for Student Bursaries are currently closed but will open on March 1st 2023 (provisionally). Bursaries of 750 pounds rising to 1000 pounds per annum will be available.

See the Bursaries page for more details about our student bursaries.

Other Alerts

Changed e-Mail Address?

Bursars, please let the Bursary Co-ordinator know if you have changed e-mail address or other details such as home address. To avoid spam, the Bursary Co-ordinator's e-mail address is not shown on this web site - please use the address that he/she used previously to e-mail you, or failing that, the form on the Contact Us page.