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About The Glasgow Perthshire Charitable Society

The Glasgow Perthshire Charitable Society, generally referred to today as "The Glasgow Perthshire", was founded in 1835. The Society's original aim was to provide financial assistance to those from Perthshire who had moved to Glasgow seeking employment. Today, the Society provides grants to senior citizens from Perthshire living in Glasgow, bursaries to students from Perthshire attending one of Glasgow's universities or colleges, and assistance to those meeting the Society's criteria.

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Founded in 1835, The Glasgow Perthshire has often been mentioned in the press. Below are some historical articles referring to The Glasgow Perthshire from:

Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator

The Glasgow Perthshire Charitable Society is registered with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) with Registered Charity Number SC009576.

You may view the Society's extract from the OSCR web site.

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Info Icon 2018 Bursary Application Status

2018 Bursaries

Applications for 2018 bursaries will open around March 2018. Watch this space.

See the Bursaries page for more details.

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Bursars, please let the Bursary Co-ordinator know if you have changed e-mail address. To avoid spam, the Bursary Co-ordinator's address is not shown on this web site - please use the address that he/she used previously to e-mail you.


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