Glasgow Perthshire Board of Directors

Updated Tue Feb 27 16:15:38 GMT 2018


Russell L. Crichton


Neil C. M. Menzies


Russell L. Crichton

Bursary Coordinator

Alastair F. Brown

Full Board

Alastair F. Brown - Bursary Coordinator - Past Preses
Mhara M. Brown
Jonathan Crichton
Russell L. Crichton - Preses - Treasurer
Mary McCaig
Neil C. M. Menzies - Secretary
Peter Menzies - Past Preses


What is a Preses?

A number of people have asked what the Preses of the Society is. Preses is an old Scots word meaning Presiding Officer, President, or Chairperson. Some interesting definitions are listed below:


The work of the Society is carried out by the Directors on a voluntary basis. The Board of Directors do not receive any remuneration for their work.