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Updated Tue Aug 13 19:21:24 BST 2019

13 Aug 2019 - All Applicants Notified if Successful or Not

All bursary applicants have been notified if successful or not. Congratulations to all our new bursars.

07 Aug 2019 - The Board are Curently Assessing Bursary Applications

Bursary applicants have been contacted to confirm that they are still taking up their place at university/college in Glasgow. The Board will then make final decisions on this year's bursary awards.

02 Jun 2019 - Bursary Applications Now Closed

Bursary applications are now closed. Applicants can sign in any time to check the status of their application.

29 May 2019 - Last Chance to Post Bursary Applications

Tomorrow (Thu 30th May) is probably last chance to post bursary applications to ensure we receive them by the closing date of 1st June.

04 May 2019 - Student Bursary Applications Close 1st June:

Applications for student bursaries will close on 1st June. Late applications will not be accepted. Be sure to apply as early as possible. Full details on the Bursaries page.

11 Mar 2019 - Student Bursary Applications Open:

Applications for student bursaries are invited from Perthshire students starting university/college in Glasgow in 2019. Full details of eligibility, Ts & Cs, etc. can be found on the Bursaries page.

28 Jan 2019 - Change to Bursary Values from 2019:

From 2019, bursary awards will have the following values:

  • First Year Students - 750 Pounds
  • Second Year Students and above - 1000 Pounds

10 Dec 2018 - Changes to Bursary Eligibility Criteria from 2019:

  • Bursary applicants must be entering the first year of their course. Students already at university/college are no longer eligible to apply. There are no changes for existing bursars.
  • Bursary applicants must be funded by SAAS (Student Awards Agency for Scotland).

Full details can be found in the Bursary Terms & Conditions.