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Student Bursaries


Bursary Status

Bursary Applications Will Close Soon

Applications will close on June 1st. We recommend 24th May as last day to pre-submit the on-line application form, to allow time for printing and posting as we must receive applications and uploaded course offer letters by the closing date.


Bursaries are available to students from Perthshire (or with close associations to Perthshire) who are about to enter their first year of an undergraduate course at one of Glasgow's universities, or an HNC/HND course at one of Glasgow's colleges (i.e. students who are funded by the Student Awards Agency for Scotland SAAS). Please check the Bursary Ts & Cs below for eligibility details.

Bursaries are normally awarded for the duration of undergraduate studies, up to a maximum of five years. Bursaries are not available for those in post-graduate studies or professional pre-registration courses.

There are a limited number of new bursaries available each year. The number is variable and dependent on a variety of factors.

Application Procedure

After you have read this page thoroughly, please read the Application Procedure page carefully before starting your application.

Closing Date: Remember, the closing date (see timetable below) is the latest we must receive your signed/dated hard copy application and uploaded course offer letter, so be sure to complete and pre-submit the on-line form as early as possible to allow yourself time for printing and posting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions about student bursaries.

Bursary Terms & Conditions

Full details and eligibility criteria can be found in the Bursary Terms & Conditions.

A PDF version of the Terms & Conditions is available for downloading and printing: Bursary Terms & Conditions (PDF) (may open in new tab/window depending on your browser settings)

Bursary Application Timetable

The timetable is driven by several factors including university application times, school summer holidays, publication of examination results/grades, receiving references and SAAS awards, etc., and so is liable to minor change.

The most important (and unalterable) milestone is the closing date. We must receive your printed/signed/dated application and your uploaded course offer letter by then.

  • Opening Date: 1st March
  • Opening to Closing Dates: Upon receipt of the signed/dated hard copy application, an acknowledgement e-mail will be sent to applicants. References will be requested when your Course Offer letter has also been uploaded (which must be before the closing date).
  • 24th May: Recommended latest date to complete Step 2 (on-line part) of application, to allow time for printing and posting. The on-line system will remain open until midday 1st June if anyone wants to hand-deliver their printed/signed/dated application the same day (not recommended!!).
  • Closing Date: **** 1st June ****
  • Early June: References for all applicants will have been requested
  • Mid June: All references should have been received
  • Early August: Applicants will be contacted by the Bursary Coordinator to confirm that they have received any necessary examination results/grades and still plan to take up their university/college place
  • Mid - Late August: The Board of Directors will finalise decisions on the awards. Both successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified
  • Late August - Mid September: The Treasurer will contact successful applicants and existing bursars to arrange payment
  • Mid September - Mid October: All bursary payments should have been made