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Charitable Society

Founded 1835 - Registered in Scotland - Charity No. SC009576

Privacy Policy


In Brief

The Glasgow Perthshire Charitable Society will not publish names or other details of its bursars or grantees on the Society web site, nor will it pass on any details of bursars or grantees to third parties including other bursars or grantees. Every possible care will be taken of personal data held by the Society. Bursars are, however, encouraged to note their status as Society Bursars in job applications, curriculum vitae, etc.

What Data Do We Keep?

If you make an enquiry using one of the "contact us" forms we will retain your Name, e-Mail address, and your enquiry.

If you apply for a student bursary or other grant we will retain the information provided by you on the application form. In addition, we will retain references and other documentation provided in support of your application.

What Do We Do With Your Data?

If you make an enquiry we will use your data to respond to your enquiry and for no other purpose.

If you apply for a student bursary or other grant we will use your data to contact you with regard to your application, to contact your referees, and to assess your application as part of the decision making process.

How Long Will We Keep Data?

All data from enquiries or bursary/grant applications are archived annually, may be retained as part of our backup and disaster recovery/business continuity strategy, and may be retained for statistical analysis.

Who Has Access To Your Data?

Only the Board of Directors will have access to any data supplied by you as part of an enquiry or application as described above.