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Bursary FAQs


Bursary Applicants

Q. Who can apply for a bursary?

Students applying for Society bursaries must be entering the first year of an undergraduate course at one of Glasgow's universities or colleges and fulfil the primary eligibility criteria of having a strong connection with Perthshire (or any variations in the name of the shire as might occur through boundary changes, e.g. Perth and Kinross). Decision on eligibility is at the discretion of the Society but would typically include one or more of the following applying to the applicant or at least one of their parents: born in Perthshire; schooled or lived in Perthshire for a significant part of childhood, typically not less than five years.

Q. When can I apply for a bursary?

Applicants should apply as early as possible in the year that they will be starting their course. The on-line bursary application system normally opens in March each year and the closing date is normally June 1st. Please check the Application Timetable on the Bursaries page to confirm.

Q. What is the 3 Step Application Process?
  1. Register - Request an Application ID.
  2. Pre-submit - complete the on-line application form and upload your Course Offer letter (and SAAS Award letter if available).
  3. Post - Download the PDF version of your application, print/sign/date your application, and post it to the Society. Please note: we MUST receive the signed/dated hardcopy of your application by the closing date. Upload your SAAS Award letter as soon as you receive it, if not done at Step 2.

For full details, go to the Application Procedure page and read the instructions there carefully.

Q. Do I need access to a printer?

Yes. After completing the on-line application form, a PDF version of your application will be created which you must download, print, sign/date, and post to the Society to be received by the closing date. The application will print on 2 sides of A4 paper (one sheet if you use double sided printing).

Q. Can I apply before receiving an offer from university/college?

No, but you can start your application by completing the rest of the form and saving it (you can still make changes later of course). When you receive your offer just sign in, choose your offer type (Conditional or Unconditional) on the form, and pre-submit. Upload your Course Offer letter to complete Step 2 of the application process. Then complete Step 3 before the closing date.

Q. Can I apply before receiving my SAAS Award?

Yes, but you should upload your SAAS award letter as soon as you receive it. If your application is successful your bursary will not be paid until we have received and verified your SAAS award. This applies to subsequent years as well.

Q. What documentation must I provide in support of my application?

You must upload a copy of your Course Offer letter (AS3) from UCAS or your chosen university/college, and a copy of your SAAS Award letter (available in your account on the SAAS web site). You will be provided with links to upload these after pre-submitting your application i.e. at the end of Step 2 of the 3 Step applicaton process. After examination results are published in August, you will be asked to upload a letter or e-mail from your institution proving that you have accepted the place offered.

Q. Will I need to provide referees?

Your application must be supported by two referees, at least one of whom must be one of your school teachers. The application form gives suggestions for referees, but they cannot be family members or other relatives.

Q. Is there an example application form?

Yes. Please look on the Application Procedure page for an example and more detailed instructions than in the FAQ.

Q. When are bursaries awarded?

The Board of Directors will award bursaries, using a formalised scoring system based on a number of criteria, as soon as all references have been received and examination results have been published. This is usually towards the end of August or early September but may be earlier or later. Applicants should check their e-mail regularly and check this web site or the Society Facebook/Twitter/RSS feeds for updates on the status of applications etc.

Q. What is the value of the bursary?

The value of the bursary is set each year by the Board and may vary from time to time. For the coming year, bursars in their first year will receive seven hundred and fifty pounds; bursars in second year and above will receive one thousand pounds per annum.

Q. Can I apply this year then defer for a year (or more) if my application is successful?

No. If you apply in the current year, are awarded a bursary, but then defer your course for 1 or more years, you will need to reapply in the year that you intend to start your course.

Current Bursars

Q. Do I have to reapply each year for a bursary?

No. Assuming satisfactory academic performance your bursary will continue for the duration of your course, to a maximum of five years. Around May/June each year the Bursary Coordinator will e-mail bursars to request a copy of their SAAS Award letter for the coming year.

Q. If I change course do I have to reapply for a bursary?

You do not need to reapply, but you must inform the Bursary Coordinator if you plan to change course. The Board will need to approve the course change for the continuation of your bursary. Only in very unusual circumstances would approval not be given.

Q. What happens if I repeat a year or drop out?

You must notify the Society immediately of any change of circumstances which could affect your eligibility to continue to receive a bursary. It is at the discretion of the Society as to whether your bursary will continue, be suspended while you repeat a year, or if you will have to repay all or part of a bursary already awarded if you decide to give up your studies.

Q. How and when is the bursary paid?

Bursaries are paid as an annual lump sum by direct bank transfer. Bursaries are normally paid in late September, but this may be delayed if we have not received references (for new bursars) or a copy of your current SAAS award letter (for all bursars) by then. Please note, we need to see a copy of your SAAS award letter, not your letter from the Student Loans Company Ltd.