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Founded 1835 - Registered in Scotland - Charity No. SC009576

Bursary Ts & Cs


Terms and Conditions

Application for, or acceptance of, a Glasgow Perthshire Charitable Society Student Bursary implies that the applicant or student awarded the bursary agrees to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Students applying for Society bursaries must be about to enter their first year of an undergraduate or HNC/HND course at one of Glasgow's universities or colleges, be funded by SAAS (Student Award Agency for Scotland), and have a strong connection with Perthshire (or any variations in the name of the shire as might occur through boundary changes, e.g. Perth and Kinross). Decision on eligibility is at the discretion of the Society but would typically include one or more of the following applying to the applicant or at least one of their parents: born in Perthshire; schooled or lived in Perthshire for a significant part of childhood, typically not less than five years.
  2. Applications received after the closing date will not be considered. The exact closing date will be specified on the Society web site and Bursary Application Form for that year.
  3. Applications must include a copy of the letter offering a place on the chosen university or college course. Applicants must also include a copy of their SAAS award letter if available, or as soon as possible thereafter. Each subsequent year, bursars must provide a copy of their current SAAS award letter prior to receiving payment of their bursary.
  4. The decision to award bursaries will be made by the Board of Directors of the Society as soon as possible after examination results are published, usually by late August or early September.
  5. A decision by the Society not to award a bursary is final. The Society will not enter into discussion over its decisions and is not obliged to give reasons for its decisions, though feedback will be given to unsuccessful applicants if possible.
  6. Other than in exceptional circumstances, the Society will normally provide a bursary for students during their undergraduate studies only. Postgraduate students or those fulfilling a professional pre-registration period will not be eligible to apply for or receive a bursary award.
  7. Normally a bursary will be paid for the duration of an undergraduate course, up to a maximum of 5 years. Assuming satisfactory academic results, bursars do not need to reapply each year.
  8. Students must notify the Society of any change to their circumstances which might affect their eligibility to hold a bursary, in particular if they change or leave their course of study prior to completion. If a bursar terminates their studies completely, the requirement to repay any bursary already paid, or part thereof, is at the discretion of the Society.
  9. Students must notify the Society if they are required to repeat a year of study. Continuation, suspension, or termination of the bursary in these circumstances is at the discretion of the Society. Continuation of the bursary may require evidence of improved academic performance.
  10. Most communication will be via the e-mail address provided to the Society by the applicant on the Bursary Application Form. Students should regularly check their e-mail account for new e-mails from the Society, particularly between June and September each year.
  11. Students must notify the Society immediately of any change of home or e-mail address.
  12. Bursaries will be paid by direct bank transfer.
  13. Assuming the Society has had sight of a bursar's SAAS award letter for the coming year, and any other obligations have been fulfilled, bursaries will normally be paid in one annual lump sum, usually in late September.
  14. If a bursar or one of their referees is found to have knowingly provided false information, or withheld relevant information, the Society reserve the right to terminate a bursary and demand repayment of any bursary already paid.
  15. The Society reserves the right to withdraw a bursary at any time, giving valid reason for such withdrawal.
  16. Students are encouraged to mention their status as Society Bursars in C.V.s, job applications, etc., but must not use the Society's name in any situation which might bring the Society into disrepute.
  17. Application for or acceptance of a bursary implies acceptance of the Society's privacy policy as shown on the web site.
  18. The Society reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions giving reasonable notice.

Updated: November 2021